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April 23 2017

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April 20 2015

9. The ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston as a doberman is ready to fend off any attacks from aliens.
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March 31 2015

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November 24 2014

November 21 2014

November 15 2014

October 30 2014

October 04 2014

September 13 2014

September 04 2014

July 23 2014

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July 19 2014

March 28 2014

February 11 2014

Not a Moffat Episode? We're Saved!
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December 16 2013

December 07 2013

His exact words were, “A fucking reset button? Like fuck am I coming back to canonically nullify my character arc.” I still can’t figure out what he meant by that.

- Steven Moffat, on Christopher Eccleston’s absence from the 50th Anniversary.
Scarf of Cumbersaurus. Rawr.
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December 01 2013

October 31 2013


Balloons are so weird… “happy birthday, here’s a plastic sack of my breath”

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