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The Dalek Plunger

Used By:

The Doctor Who enemy, the Daleks. Also janitors, plumbers, housewives and, you know, anyone who needs to plunge.

Why It Could Be Cool:

The Daleks managed to conquer the universe countless times despite their inability to climb stairs, so they have to have something going for them.

...What is this show about?

Why It Absolutely Is Not Cool:

Records are spotty, and the stories told around campfires are probably more legend than fact, but every little Dalek soldier grows up listening to the tale of the ancient Dalek warrior Lenny, the resourceful janitor who used his plunger to single-handedly fend off an entire battalion of overflowing toilets in the Great Sewage War. From that day forth, no Dalek has ever gone to battle without their trusty plungers.

The plunger isn't the Dalek's main weapon--that would be the egg whisk thing to the left--but it's still pretty useful. It can open doors, move things and strangle people.

You know what else can do that? Hands. Why the Daleks chose to go with plungers over hands is never quite explained in the series but, then again, neither is the fact that they only have one eye that can easily be covered with a hat.

We don't know how close the Doctor Who universe is to ours, but if its most feared soldiers look like they were put together out of whatever was lying around the kitchen, we guess it can't be all that bad. No wonder an unarmed, eccentrically dressed British guy with a posh accent and a phone booth time machine is able to beat them so easily.

The 11 Most Retarded Fictional Weapons | Cracked.com
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