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May 29 2015

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Donna Noble
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May 21 2015

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Can I keep him?
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May 19 2015

David Tennant & Billie Piper leave a message as Rose Tyler and the Doctor. Thanks @worldchmps

The Doctor finally said it :)

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May 09 2015

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April 23 2015

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April 16 2015


Nine and Rose dancing in the TARDIS to celebrate the first airing of “Rose”, ten years ago today! Thanks to all involved for introducing me to this wonderful, wonderful show. :)

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February 16 2015

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December 19 2014

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December 05 2014

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November 27 2014

Rose Tyler is clever. Her eyes see things that others can’t: an excess of TV aerials; oddities of plumbing; and massive, radial transmitters. She sees fear of the child in the eyes of the mother; malice in the words of gaseous entities; and the hero in the heart of the conman.

Rose Tyler is kind. One smile from Rose Tyler grants absolution. A word from Rose Tyler reunites the son with the father. One touch from Rose Tyler teaches a Dalek mercy.

Rose Tyler is brave. She converses with werewolves, unmakes false gods, and shouts down invading alien armies. Rose Tyler looked the Devil in the eyes and sent him crawling back into hell.

Rose Tyler is beloved.

When Rose Tyler falls—from barrage balloons or Justicia observational platforms; from the aftereffects of a psychograph or straight into the Void—there will always be someone there to catch her, because the universe will not stand for it to be otherwise.

" -

The Double-Edged Sword by abadplanwellexecuted (via the-seat-of-my-pants)

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November 21 2014

winter is coming
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the act of two people staring at each other in such a lustful way
they might as well be doing it
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November 15 2014

Anonymous ASKED:
This is a pretty delayed reaction, but it's been bothering me a lot lately that if you count the 50th as canon, 11th was supposed to be the last of the doctor's lives, which means he didn't get to live that long after rose. He could've totally had his forever with her, as a timelord, in their own universe! I know it couldn't possibly work on the show since it would mean the doctor would die but it's still bothering me

Didn’t hundreds of years pass between The End of Time and the 50th, though?

Also, technically it could’ve worked on the show. They could’ve let Rose stay, had those years take place off camera and the specials could’ve happened after Rose passed away from old age. Now, I’m not suggesting that should’ve happened. Just saying there were options. But Ten didn’t give Rose up just because of the “curse” of the Time Lord. He wanted her to be able to have a human life, to still have her family in her life, to grow old at the same time as the man she loved. Can you imagine how hard it must be after reaching, say, sixty while the Doctor still looks and feels young and spry? How that must affect their every day life, and how guilty Rose must feel for weighing him down and knowing it’s gonna be like that for years until she finally withers away. He’ll eventually have to take care of her and so on. 

Nah, dunno. I think we (and Rose in particular) got a pretty sweet deal.

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