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December 30 2017

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December 26 2017

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fuckity bye!
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December 25 2017

Typical woman. Gets the TARDIS for 8 seconds... Crashes it.
— someone's wife
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Doctor Who 2017 <3
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December 20 2017

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doktor któż
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November 21 2017

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November 16 2017

Starry Gallifrey
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November 04 2017

Mondrian Who
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November 02 2017

doctor who aesthetics:

I am easily worth two men

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doctor who aesthetics:

I am easily worth two men

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doctor who aesthetics:

I am easily worth two men

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doctor who aesthetics:

I am easily worth two men

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doctor who aesthetics:

I am easily worth two men

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October 20 2017


best buds™

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October 19 2017

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