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October 20 2017


best buds™

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October 19 2017

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October 06 2017

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October 04 2017

Hamelin Doctor
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exterminate all folks
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From my superb BF

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September 27 2017

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September 25 2017

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Doctor's orders
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September 24 2017

Tags: Clara Oswald
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September 23 2017

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Another taken from us. Deborah Watling, thank you for your phenomenal performance in Doctor Who, you will never be forgotten.
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September 21 2017

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When you're having a good time and suddenly you hear someone knocking four times...
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September 20 2017

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Poor Micky!
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Everything will be sad.
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September 18 2017

Upgrade Your Metropolis
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September 17 2017

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