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May 23 2017

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May 22 2017

Luke I Am Your Doctor T-Shirt
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May 20 2017

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Twelfth Doctor makes promise to Tenth Doctor to keep these awful things inside the vault?
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May 19 2017


When you encounter the same little detail in fanfic after fanfic and you realize you genuinely can’t remember if that thing is actually canon or if it’s just something fandom made up.


May 18 2017

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Background music: Alien (Prometheus)
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May 17 2017

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May 13 2017

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May 06 2017

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Liked on YouTube: Doctor Who - “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” Wrap Party Special https://youtu.be/giaMRyn47Xg

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who did dis…

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the iso standard alien planet set aka “we’re in a low budget”

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May 04 2017

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“Do these look like off-world clothes to you?”

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May 02 2017

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